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Storage Optimization

HSM Archival

  • Enable users to store and manage all the organization’s data intelligently without having to continually add more storage to the overall architecture of the company

  • Classify data according to a set of defined rules, enabling users to store and access data based on its current relevance, using elastic search

  • Our HSM solution saves considerable time and sharply reduces costs associated with data backup and recovery, data analysis, labour, and downtime 

Software Defined Storage

  • Implement Software defined storage using Infrastructure as code by thin provisioning

  • System alert for the space utilization/need of new space automatically leveraging Terraform, Prometheus, Grafana, Node Exporter, Ansible etc.

  • Automated workflow for increasing/decreasing space allocation depending on the need/use. 

Zero Copy

  • Zero Copy is the process of copying data from one memory region to another without having to physically copy the data from source to destination.

  • Instead, the data remains in the same physical location in memory, and pointers or references to the data are passed from one process to another

  • This approach can significantly increase the speed and efficiency of data transfer between processes, as well as reduce the amount of memory and CPU resources required for data copying.

Compute Optimization

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