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The Caminosoft AI story

  • Since 1998 Caminosoft AI is a leading provider of File System Archiving tiered storage and other related Data Management and Compute Solutions​

  • Pioneers in industry for Infrastructure As Code, Immutable Infrastructure, Quick Setup of Private Cloud , Hybrid Cloud Setup for Storage and Compute, Microservices architecture​

  • OEM Partners with IBM, Microsoft, Dell EMC, Netapp, Hitachi, HP​

  • Installed base many Fortune 500 companies and Government organizations​

  • Global customer base- North America, Europe, Asia

Key Value Proposition

Caminosoft AI is the only vendor that offers a centrally administered solution for Windows Server, EMC VNX/Celerra (utilizing FileMover), NetApp/N Series (utilizing FPolicy) and Novell OES (Linux) and Netware environments. Managed Server HSM software, which continuosly identifies file candidates for archival to lower-cost storage pools, puts powerful storage management tools into the hands of system administrators:

  • Easy differentiation of “production” data from “reference” data, with structured control over file retention and deletion decisions

  • Establishing policies based on a wide range of criteria, such as file type, “includes/excludes,” creation date, last access date, and modified date

  • Monitoring and control over data archival per “watermarks” and in desired operational timeframes to meet business requirements;

  • Vast reduction in the amount of time needed for full backups (and disaster recovery), since only active files are impacted during the “window”;

  • Reclamation of large amounts of storage space on costly high-performance SAN resources and deferring the timing and scale of future acquisitions;

  • Facilitating compliance with internal and regulatory agency requirements governing data retention and deletion.

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